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Dave Allen - the first 'alternative' comedian.

Dave AllenIrish comedian Dave Allen has died at the age of 68. For many years Dave Allen was known to British and Irish audiences for his one man shows, whereupon he sat on a stool with a glass of whiskey (later water) and told irreverent jokes about religion.

His television shows Dave Allen Tonight and Dave Allen at Large were huge hits with audiences. Although, he hadn't been seen on TV screens in recent years, Dave Allen is credited with having been a ground breaker amongst stand-up comedians. He was sharp and had a very strong sense of the absurd. Talents that endeared him to the comedy watching public.

He was also one of the first comedians to swear on National television and one of his routines even led to questions being asked in parliament.

Dave Allen was one of the finest comedians of his generation - and of those that followed. In may ways he was the first 'alternative' comedian and it would not be unfair to say that many contemporary comics, such as Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran and the whole swaith of comedians that later on appeared at clubs like the Comedy Store, owe him a great comic dept.

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