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Comedy DVD roundup

Welcome to the comedy online occasional round-up of stand-up comedy and sitcom DVDs, videos and books. In this roundup we focus on the old and the new, Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights and Little Britain.

Peter Kay is the man behind Phoenix Nights, a comedy show based around a run-down social club in the North of England. Although Peter Kay's character, Brian Potter, is the manager of the club, there are excellent appearances form a number of the other characters, including the laughable security guard, awful disk jockey and the regulation in-house 'entertainer'.

Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights ran for two series and both are available as DVDs.

Little Britain is British comedy at its best , or worst, depending on your point of view. Little Britain brings together a bizarre selection of comedy characters and proceeds to push their characters to the extreme.

Little Britain is one of those seminal comedies that has spawned dozens of catchphrases. But it is too early to tell if it will survive the test of time like such classics as Fawlty Towers, or the Fast Show.

All three series of Little Britain are available on DVD, with series 1 and 2 available as a 4 DVD box set.Little Britain DVDPhoenix Nights DVD

Little Britain catchphrases.