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Fraser star to act in X-Men movie?

Fraser KelseyThe American star of the hit television comedy show Fraser, Kelsey Grammer, is rumoured to have landed a role in the next X-Men film.

Leaving aside the world of TV situation comedy, Kelsey Grammer will allegedly play a character called 'Beast'. The creature he plays is apparently a huge blue furry entity, of some sort. About as far away from the role of a humorous TV psychiatrist, as it's possible to get.

X-Men 3 is due for release in May 2006.

Kelsey Grammer's break into the world of comedy came about when he was cast as a psychiatrist in the American TV comedy show Cheers, alongside Shelley Long (as Diane Chambers). When the Cheers series finished, Kelsey Grammer's role was chosen to be launched in it's own show, Fraser, in 1993.

Fraser went on to become a massive comedy hit with both the public and judges, as Fraser became the only sitcom to win 5 Emmy's in a row for Best Comedy Series.

Between 2002 and 2004, when the Fraser finished, Kelsey Grammer became the highest paid television actor.


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