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Kath & Kim to be remade in the US

Australian comedy show Kath and Kim is to be remade in the US by NBC, according to numerous comedy news sources.

Like many overseas comedy shows, Kath & Kim joins other sitcoms that have been rewritten and recast for the US market, such as The Office. The sitcom will be remade for US audiences, using American actors and storylines.

According to reports, the American remake will star Selma Blair as the daughter Kim and Saturday Night Live's Molly Shannon as her mother Kath.

The original Kath & Kim is a sitcom based in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter and their associated suburban adventures.

Selma Blair has starred previously in numerous films, including Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde. Molly Shannon has been a regular on Saturday Night Live and has appeared in a number of movies including How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Shallow Hal.

According to the Los Angles Times, NBC even bypassed the traditional pilot process for new shows and are going straight ahead with a full season of the comedy show.

Hugely popular in Australia – where it stars Gina Riley and Jane Turner – Kath and Kim screened on UK television on BBC2 for a while. Numerous Kath & Kim DVDs have been released. The tele-movie – which includes a Live in London show – and seasons 1-4 are all available on DVD.

Kath and Kim first aired on Australian TV in May 2002 and a television movie, Da Kath and Kim Code, was broadcast towards the end of 2005. It has won numerous awards in Australia and have become one of the highest rating shows in the country.

Main Kath & Kim characters

Kath Day-Knight

Kim Craig

Kel Knight – Kath's husband and 'high-quality' butcher.

Brett Craig – Kim's husband, friend of Kel and dog lover.

Sharon Strzelecki – Kim's 'second best friend'.

Trude and Prue – snobby shop assistants from 'boutique' home wares store.