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Find out what's on in comedy clubs in London and around the UK. Please be aware that many comedy venues come and go - and often vary regular nights - especially the smaller stand-up venues, so be prepared check with the club before turning up for a night of stand up comedy.

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Please also be aware that we don't currently provide live, updated comedy listings. What we do is provide is a list of pubs and clubs that provide stand up comedy events.

This could include part-time venues such as small pubs, but it could also include purpose built comedy clubs such as Jongleurs or The Comedy Store.

Some of these venues will have a regular compere who will host the show, whilst others will hire a guest comedian, often a known TV favourite, to compere for the other comics. Every comedy club has their own format. But usually there will be a line up of approximately three comedians, ranging from a headline act, down to try-outs who have never performed a stand up set before.

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